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The 5G and AI Innovation Hub is a facility equipped with 5G network infrastructure and AI instruments. Established through a tripartite partnership between MIMOS, Maxis and Huawei, it aims to accelerate the creation of industrial use-cases enabled by 5G, AI and other advanced technologies.

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Revolutionary Technology

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We believe that 5G is a truly revolutionary technology that will forever change the way we work and play. The 5G & AI Innovation Hub – incubation of innovative solutions enabled by 5G, IoT, Cloud and AI for the Malaysian Market - offers experiential showcases demonstrating various use cases in support of the National Digital Agenda.

The 5G & AI Innovation Hub is established to encourage, test, and develop new ideas that will propel Malaysia to be a leader in 5G and AI solutions. MIMOS, Maxis and Huawei will be lending their capabilities for field testing, sharing technology solutions, and creating economic opportunities through events and the commercialisation of the solutions created.



    As the host of the national 5G & AI Hub, MIMOS will offer its technological capabilities by providing its state-of-the-art labs, advise on the R&D and support in uplifting the Malaysian technology competitiveness. Maxis and Huawei will support the hub with their best-in-class network and connectivity services and technology solutions via knowledge transfer and training.


    The hub will put forward several proposed showcases including a technology implementation for image processing and smart agriculture; smart manufacturing empowered by 5G technology; and data mining that can enhance user experience and offer more personalised content. Are you ready to experience the next future solutions technology?

MAXIS 5G Converged Solutions


With gigabit speeds, millisecond latency, more robustness and reliability, 5G is the fifth generation of cellular networks that will open up a world of possibilities for individuals, businesses, industries and communities at large. 5G Fixed Wireless Access can be a more cost-effective and an efficient alternative to providing broadband access to certain areas with limited broadband services.

Bao Sheng Durian Farm

Collaborated with Bao Sheng Durian Farm, Penang on a Smart Agriculture solution to sense durian drops through net sensing and alerts.


Collaborated with Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI) on a Smart Agriculture solution using Maxis NB-IoT to enable precision agriculture for grape crops.
This use case was part of the 5G Demonstration Projects.

Multimedia Authority

Entered into a partnership with Sarawak Multimedia Authority (SMA) for collaboration on IoT and NB-IoT initiatives and to help Sarawak advance its digital economy agenda.

Maxis eKelas

Maxis eKelas conducted Virtual Reality (VR) Science classes for a focused group of students at Penang Digital Library and Pusat Internet Kg. Padang Wahid, Langkawi as part of the 5G Demonstration Projects.


Smart City

Selected as a Trusted Technology partner for Smart City IoT pilot project with Penang State

5G Augmented Reality

Collaborated with Malaysia’s largest aquarium, Aquaria KLCC, on Malaysia’s first 5G Augmented Reality (AR) experience with marine life as part of the 5G Demonstration Projects, for an immersive experience in creating greater awareness on ocean conservation.

Smart Security solution

Showcased Smart Security solution, which provided real-time surveillance monitoring in the Komtar building to enhance security and effectively manage resources by allowing retrofitting capabilities.

5G township

Appointed by Gamuda Land as the preferred connectivity and solutions provider to create Malaysia’s first Maxis-delivered 5G township for Gamuda Cove, Gamuda Land’s latest township development.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology capable of simulating human cognition through machines. The core capability of AI is to make a judgment or prediction based on a given input.

Purpose of AI Development

AI development aims to centrally process and extract information from volumes of data to summarise internal patterns of the study objects. Massive volumes of collected data are computed, analysed, summarised, and organised by using appropriate statistics, machine learning, and deep learning methods to maximise data value.



  • 01

    Determine the Objective

    Determine what to analyse. What problems do you want to solve? What is the business goal?

  • 02

    Prepare Data

    Data collection and pre-processing, ensure the authenticity and reliability of the obtained data

  • 03

    Train a Model

    Modelling involves analysing the prepared data to find the causality, internal relationships, and regular patterns

  • 04

    Evaluate the Model

    A model generated by training needs to be evaluated, adjust algorithm parameters and data to further optimise the model

  • 05

    Deploy the Model

    Apply satisfactory model to actual data or newly generated data for prediction, evaluation, and visualisation

Intelligent World

Technology is developing faster than we could have ever imagined. Digital technologies such as 5G, cloud, and AI are constantly being pushed to their limits, advancing in leaps and bounds. Our imagination is the only limit on how far we can go, but it is the actions we take now that will determine how quickly we can get there. The best way to embrace the future is to build it ourselves. There may be ups and downs on our journey towards the intelligent world of 2030, but we will overcome them by working together and innovating continuously.

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MIMOS, Maxis and Huawei will be lending their capabilities for field testing, sharing technology solutions, and creating economic opportunities through events and the commercialisation of the solutions created.

  • MIMOS is Malaysia’s national applied research and development centre. As a strategic agency under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), MIMOS contributes to raising Malaysia's competitiveness by pioneering market creation for Malaysian technopreneurs through patentable technology platforms, products and solutions.

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    Maxis is Malaysia’s leading converged solutions provider, providing high quality digital services and connectivity solutions. As a homegrown Malaysian brand, we have been serving Malaysians for over 25 years and are passionate about bringing together the best of technologies to enable people, businesses and the nation to Always Be Ahead in a changing world.

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    Founded in 1987, Huawei is a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices.
    We have more than 194,000 employees, and we operate in more than 170 countries and regions, serving more than three billion people around the world.

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